New transparen tarchitecture cooperation, energy efficiency and safety

Τhe S700 is the premier retractable system for very large openings,with impressive out of competition characteristics.

  • Very small sheet height 84 mm and width 70mm

  • Central-profile hook superposition only 47mm width, for maximum visibility, and enhanced profile for potential construction of up to 3,00m

  • Hidden lower frame which is incorporated to the floor

  • Smart drainage system with excellent performance even under extreme weather conditions

  • Special accessory basin beneath the central profile-hooks superimposed slidings, keeping the waterproofing

  • Special 24mm anti-distortion polyamides for avoiding the banana effect, due to high temperature differences between indoors and outdoors

  • Very high thermal insulation (Uf up to 1,3 W/m2K)

  • Can also be a classic lift & sliding with the same frame profile all around and with the same performances

Minimum apparent construction height 84 mm
Frame height 61 mm
 Frame width 70 mm
Frame width 73 mm
Sheet width 85 mm
Glazing Thickness from 24 to 68 mm
Insulation Type

Polyamides 40mm width,
Kooltherm, foamed insulating material

Thermal Transmission - EN ISO 10077-2 Uf until 1,3 W/m2k