The premier opening system

S95 belongs to the new generation of ALUMIL high-end products that meets the needs of energy efficient passive buildings and it combines aesthetics thanks to its minimal design with excellent thermal insulation. Alumil confirms once again that is among the most developed companies in the design and production process of advanced architectural systems, creating the premier opening system frames Supreme S95.

The Supreme S95 was designed for a project in order to meet the requirements of passive buildings for a multinational company in U.S. It belongs to the new generation of upgraded systems of Alumil and responds to the needs of energy-efficient of passive buildings combining aesthetics thanks to its minimal design and excellent thermal insulation with Uf just 1,1 W/m2 * K!

High energy efficiency (Uf 1,1 W/m2*K and Uw 0,79 W/m2*K) through the use of 54mm glass reinforced polyamide, the insertion of special insulating Cooltherm bars (phenolic resin) in the profiles and twice extruded EPDM foam gaskets.

  • Out of competition maximum sash dimensions 1,60m x 2,70m by using special hidden hinges for weight up to 300 Kg

  • Excellent performance in waterproofing and air tightness.

  • Highly robust system with frame width of 95mm and sash width of 104mm.

  • Minimal design with linear shape and apparent aluminum width: 106 mm.

  • Glazing width: triple glazing from 40 to 60mm.

Frame depth 95 mm
Sash depth 104 mm
Minimum visible width 106 mm
Î’Sash mechanism weight limit up to 300kg
Glass thickness up to 60mm
Type of thermal insulation 54mm glass reinforced polyamide
Thermal Transmission - EN ISO 10077-2 Uf up to 1,1 W/m2*K