Simple and elegant aesthetic results, with the least possible visible aluminum

The S80 was created to achieve a simple, elegant and esthetic result, minimizing the visible aluminum frame. The impressive features of the system are:

  • Hidden sheet with fine visible frame height 67mm and 80mm depth.

  • Narrow "T" and combined with identical profiles visible only 67mm aluminum frame.

  • Triple glazing 40mm width, for maximum energy savings and maximum sheet weight 130Kg.

  • Innovative insulating materials for high thermal insulation performance (Uf = 1.68 W / m2k).

  • Ability to create robust structures with special design.

Minimum apparent construction height

80 mm
Frame height 67 mm
 Frame width 67 mm
Frame width 73 mm
Sheet width 82 mm
Glazing Thickness 40 mm
Insulation Type Glass Reinforced Nylon 38mm
Thermal Transmission - EN ISO 10077-2 Uf =1,68 W/m2k